A DUNFERMLINE college lecturer will have his first story published in the famous Commando comics next month.

Artist and writer Colin Maxwell has produced his own comics for the last six years but after a chance meeting, one of his stories will be published in the long-running action and adventure series on October 1.

Five Little Soldier Boys is a murder-mystery set during wartime in the French Alps and is inspired by Colin's love of crime novels.

But it won't be the last to be published in the Commando comics as he already has another three stories commissioned and lined up to be out next year.

The animation and computer games Fife College lecturer told the Press: "Commando had a table at the Defend Fife event last year and I got chatting to them.

"They told me they were always looking for new ideas and if I had any stories I should get in touch.

"Just before Christmas they told they me they were going to commission my story and it was a lovely Christmas present!

"The artist for the comic is Manuel Benet who has been working on the Commando comics for decades so to find out it was going to be him illustrating my work was just amazing."

Comics had been a childhood passion of Colin's but he was inspired to start making the books himself after a project with students.

His comics have focused on local themes and have been featured as part of the 'Defend Fife' festival that normally takes place each summer.

He is also continuing with his self-published true war stories and completed Flight of the Eagle recently, which tells the story of the Polish submarine, 'Orzel', which escaped from the Baltic Sea at the start of World War Two and joined the allies at Rosyth in October 1939.

"It takes quite a bit of my time up as I'm trying to get as much historical accuracy as possible," Colin said.

"That includes passing on details to illustrators about uniforms, equipment etc.

"I'm still writing stories at the moment and I've got some ideas in the pipeline which are based in the local area.

"I'm still interested in those as I don't think a lot of people know what happened on their doorstep."

'Five Little Soldier Boys' will be available to buy at WH Smith and Colin will be signing books in Little Shop of Heroes, Dunfermline, on October 10.