FIFE COUNCIL has agreed to reduce the number of car-parking spaces required at the former Pilmuir Works development.

Byzantian Developments were given the go-ahead to put up new buildings and convert the former factory in March 2019 but they applied earlier this year to change conditions relating to the provision of parking spaces.

The move came after one parking area was discovered to be smaller than envisaged initially.

The proposals will now go forward with five less spots for cars than agreed previously.

A planning report said the amendments would have "no significant impact" on road safety and would ensure the retention of adequate parking in accordance with the reasons given for the conditions.

It added: "While the changes to the conditions will result in an overall reduction in the number of car-parking spaces to serve the proposed development to that previously approved (by five spaces), it will also result in an increase in the number of spaces within the Pilmuir Works complex."

The decision came after concerns were raised through the Press' letters page last week about parking provision in the Pilmuir Street area.

One worried reader wrote: "It would appear that the planning authority approved this development without first securing the the necessary parking space for at least some of those who will be moving into this new development once complete. Note also that the car-parking mentioned in the article is for 61 vehicles. The actual development will eventually offer somewhere in the region of 160 dwellings so you have to ask where the remainder of new residents will find parking?

"Added to this is the potential development of the St Margaret’s Works building on the opposite side of Foundry Street (the old Factory Shop premises) where you can look at a further 100-plus new dwellings.

"As a local resident, I welcome these historic building being brought back into use and I take my hat off to the companies involved.

"However, it doesn’t take the brain of Britain to forecast the nightmare scenario when all of the new domestic property owners are trying to find a space to park their vehicles overnight and at weekends.

"Undoubtedly, the surrounding streets are going to see a massive increase in demand for parking in a residential area already under severe pressure from those using, and working in and around, our town centre.

"I have had, and continue to try to have, dialogue with the council on this matter but alas, to date, no movement of any significance."