SOLD-OUT gigs were all the rage for Fraser Penman when he was the frontman of The Draymin and now his beer is proving equally popular.

The Rosyth dad-of-two started the North Sea Brewery and the first 120 bottles to go on sale at the Caledonian Craft Beer Merchant, in Dunfermline's Maygate, were all gone before the doors opened!

Fraser said: "The first three batches of my beer went into the shop on Wednesday morning.

"They sold out on online pre-orders by 11pm that night – didn't even make the shelf!

"It was 120 bottles, so I'm chuffed. I've another 80 bottles going in again in a couple of weeks."

Colin Gardner, owner of the Caledonian Craft Beer Merchant, is passionate about quality beer and started his own independent store last year.

He said: "It’s not unheard of for beer to sell out at the rate Fraser's did but for an operation of his size, putting beer out there for the first time to achieve it was amazing.

"I put it down to a combination of a few things. He’s a really good guy who has worked very hard to achieve what he has this week.

"Obviously, he’s well known from his time in The Draymin and he has a real determination to constantly improve his brewing.

"And, lastly, as we’ve found from the day we opened the shop, people really want to support and buy local.

"We’ve done our best to support him and hope he goes on to have great success."

As reported in the Press in July, Fraser, the former lead singer with Rosyth band The Draymin, is an oil rig worker who turned his home into a registered brewery.

The names of the mechanical engineer's four brews: Rig Pig, Fog Horn, North Sea Tiger and Floating Jail, take their inspiration from his offshore job.

He told the Press this week: "From me, it's just a big thank you to Colin and Heather, and to all the beer-drinkers that are supporting local.

"Also, for any Caledonian Craft Beer Merchant customers gained through me, please try out the other local breweries like Innerbay, Beath Brewing, Coul Brewing, Blunt Chisel etc."