A YOUNG Dunfermline Athletic fan has raised £140 for charity by putting in the hard yards while dressed as Pars Boy.

Mini superhero Ciaran Greig decided to take part in a walking, running, cycling and scooting challenge around Duloch recently.

Between August 7 and 28, he travelled more than 70km to raise money for Cancer Research UK after his football coach at East End Boys (2010s) was diagnosed with cancer.

The youngster's mum, Yvonne, told the Press previously that her sister, Vicky, made him a Pars cape with left-over mask material.

The eight-year-old then decided to take inspiration from West Fife's lockdown superheroes and transform himself into Pars Boy.

He even completed the final stretch of his journey with Duloch Spider-Man, who just so happens to live behind his house.

Speaking to the Press this week, Yvonne said she was delighted at how well Ciaran had done.

She said: "He actually ended up smashing his target and reached 70km by the time he finished; his target was 30km but I knew he'd do more than that.

"He loved finishing it with Duloch Spider-Man and all the other superheroes around Duloch Park as well.

"I'm very proud of him and how much he's been able to raise."

Ciaran completed the feat in the company of his mum, who also raised £60 for her chosen charity.

She was collecting money for the SSPCA and commented that many friends had remarked at how much more Ciaran had raised.

"I've had a few comments now about that," Yvonne laughed.

"He's done better than I have! I'm really proud of him!"