A MAN was attacked by a former friend as he slept in his home.

James Malcolm, 46, of North Drum Street, Kelty, has appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court in connection with the incident.

He admitted that on August 15, at an address in Kelty, he assaulted his former pal by striking him on the head.

Malcolm also admitted that he sent messages to the complainer which included threats of violence.

Depute fiscal Jill Currie said Malcolm and the assault victim had previously been friends.

However, Malcolm found out that his ex-partner and his pal had started a relationship.

The depute went on: “The complainer had fallen asleep on the couch and hadn’t locked his door.

“At around 1.30am, the complainer woke up when he was kicked in the face. When he opened his eyes, the accused was standing over him.”

He later sent a text message threatening to snap all of the man’s fingers, the court was told.

Sheriff Alastair Brown called for reports and Malcolm will be sentenced on October 21.