MORE THAN 350 fed-up Duloch residents have signed a petition against the impending arrival of a McDonald's drive-thru.

As well as commenting on social media groups and forums, around 360 locals have now left their signature on a campaign run by the Liberal Democrats.

The burger chain is now expected to build a two-storey outlet in the Tesco Extra car park, off Turnstone Road, which they said would create 65 jobs.

Dunfermline South councillor James Calder had put down a motion to refuse the application but it was outvoted 11-3 by the central and west planning committee earlier this month.

Cllr Calder believes the petition demonstrates community anger towards the application's approval and has called on Tesco to reconsider plans to accommodate the fast food giant.

He said: "At the planning committee, I was one of only three councillors who voted against this development as I felt it would create traffic chaos.

"This petition is showing the strength of local feeling and I hope Tesco will pay attention and be a good neighbour to local residents."

The petition was launched by Cllr Calder's wife, Aude Boubaker-Calder, the Dunfermline Liberal Democrats candidate for next year's Holyrood elections.

She said: "Over 300 people have now signed the petition to stop a McDonald's in the Duloch Tesco car park – it is clear that huge numbers of people living in the area are opposed to this.

"It is a completely inappropriate location – it is in an already busy area so traffic will get much worse and will cause significant noise pollution too next to residential houses.

"Worst of all, it is next to a primary school and will contribute to our national obesity crisis.

"There is also a risk that litter will find its way into close-by natural areas such as the Calais Woods.

"The response from local residents is clear – there should not be a McDonald's built here!"

The new burger joint will be in the northern section of the car park, across the road from the Aldi store, and will result in the loss of 67 parking spaces at the Tesco store.

The Press spoke to locals both for and against the development ahead of the commitee's decision to approve, with those opposing highlighting their concerns over road safety, increased noise and litter, anti-social behaviour and flooding.

There were 176 objections and three letters of support attached to the application, which was recommended for approval by council officers.