SHAMEFUL youths have been vandalising the Glen and burning a significant hole in the taxpayers' pocket.

For three weeks, countless windows have been broken, there has been damage to the stone balcony at the Pavilion, benches have been wrecked ... and the list goes on.

Staff have been forced to close the public toilets too so they are not subject to vandalism.

John O’Neil, team manager for parks, streets and open spaces in the area, said staff were under "extreme pressure" as they tried to regain order in the much-loved Pittencrieff Park.

"There has been significant damage which is costing the taxpayer a lot of money," he said.

"It's just just distressing to the public but also to ourselves and also Police Scotland and our Safer Communities colleagues.

"My staff are under extreme pressure there to return the park into some sort of order.

"There has always been damage caused at various points but this seems to be sustained."

Older teens have been seen on the roofs of buildings and smashing windows.

Cars parked by drivers attending events at the Pavilion have also been damaged.

Dog-walker Paul Barrett has witnessed groups of around 30 youths gathering most evenings at the centre stage to smoke and consume alcohol.

"Police are trying their best but they are restricted because of staffing," John added.

"I've had to close the toilets, which has caused concern. I would like to keep them open but they just keep damaging them if we keep them open.

"It really is a sad state of affairs.

"We don't know where these vandals are coming from – the latest incident was at 2pm on Monday – they should be at school then.

"My staff remonstrate but they shout abuse.

"We ring the police but it's normally too late by the time we get there.

"I normally try and find something positive but it's hard to find one at the moment."

Paul Barratt said: "The staff and volunteers at the Glen do such a good job at looking after our Glen.

"We are extremely lucky to have it and it's totally disheartening to see teens doing this."

Councillor Garry Haldane said there was not enough public funds to pay for a park ranger at Pittencrieff but this could be addressed by private funding.

Dunfermline police have increased patrols around the town centre, bus station and the Glen area as part of an operation to stop bad behaviour.

Sergeant Ross Crawford explained: “Officers have been carrying out increased patrols in the Pittencrieff Park area following reports of anti-social behaviour and large groups of youths gathering in the area.

“Officers will continue to do this over the coming weeks. Anyone in the community with concerns about anti-social behaviour should contact police on 101.”