THE Press understands that restaurants and businesses at Fife Leisure Park have had to close this evening due to water shortages in the area.

Restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut have all shut in the past hour as a result of a burst water main in Steelend.

The Press reported earlier today that Scottish Water were tackling the problem which they said was affecting around 14,000 customers in Dunfermline and West Fife.

They were hoping normal service would be restored by 5pm, but the issue is still being dealt with and has now had an impact in the Duloch area.

A Scottish Water spokesperson stated earlier this evening: "We are now aware of a further interruption affecting customers in the Duloch KY11 area and are currently investigating this. We believe this is linked to earlier issues."

A manager at one of the businesses affected by the water shortage has told the Press tonight: "It was fine throughout the day here but at around 7pm we had no water at all.

"When that happens you have to close. It's health and safety.

"You can't do anything when there's no water, so the park is really quiet just now and it looks as though all the other restaurants and businesses have had to close as well."

A burst first occurred at around 8pm on Saturday evening, starting to cause disruption to service for some customers in the area. 

Damage was located near Steelend, on an 18 inch water main that supplies the affected areas with water from the west.

A team of engineers worked through the night to excavate the main and complete a repair but, following completion of this work at around 4am, a secondary fault was identified during attempts to restore normal supply to the area.

Repairs on the second fault are now complete.

Bottled Water Distribution points have now been set up at the Vine Church, Duloch Leisure Centre and the King Street Car Park in Inverkeithing.

Further updates will be provided by Scottish Water this evening here.