IT HAS been six months since Scotland and the rest of the UK entered into lockdown.

Sacrifices have been made ever since March 23 in an attempt to suppress the virus from spreading further and taking more lives.

We are all trying to adapt to the 'new normal' and we asked readers on our Facebook page: What have you missed most during lockdown?

For many of you, it's the small pleasures in life that you have missed most.

Laura Dudley said: "Being able to hug people."

This was echoed by Lynsey Mayne, who added: "I'm a hairdresser and with everyone wearing masks I miss seeing smiles."

For others, not being able to see your family as much as you would want has been very difficult.

Claire Monaghan said: "My son who lives in England. I’ve not seen him since February as I’ve been shielding through cancer treatment.

"Not seeing him is torture."

Audrey Steele said: "Sitting in my mum's room every day in her care home and also being with my son and his family."

Elaine Rose Hamilton said: "Getting into the care home to see my mum whenever I want without having to make a 20-minute appointment once a week."

Heather McLean stated: "My business, which had to close and visiting family down south."

Suzanne Currie said: "Seeing my family."

Helen Elder commented: "Family time. We had a baby in lockdown and we have a five-year-old.

"It’s been tough."

Helen Cannon Todd said: "The thing I missed most during the three-month lockdown was taking my grandkids to the park at the bottom of my garden."

The owner of the Auld Mill House Hotel in Dunfermline said: "My husband, who’s in France and I’ve only seen him 50 days this year!"

Karen Drummond said that she was missing "meeting up with all my friends" and "my mum and dad coming over here to visit", the most.

Social events like parties, live music and sport are also sorely missed right now.

Alison Bodie said: "Going to the football, live music/festivals, holidays abroad and taking part in running events; so basically my whole life."

Donald Makin said: "Live music. Seeing all my family together for our family dinners which we've had on a Thursday since niece one was born – she's now 18-years-old.

"Being able to see in shops without steamed-up glasses.

"Being able to see my partner's mum in Tenerife for a wee break.

"Having dates out without need for masks and track and trace."

Richard Rutherford said not being able to go and see Dunfermline Athletic and his mates is a huge blow.

He said: "Meeting up with mates for a game of darts and watching the Pars."

Alistair Carstairs felt the same way and said: "Footie and gigs."

Debbie Fifer said: "My son's football and live music.

"I miss working from the office, mostly. Hate working from home."