THE famous Haggis the Yeti will soon have a lady friend and she made her first public appearance in Dunfermline on Saturday!

Hundreds of hours have been spent making 'Miss Scotland the Fat Ugly Cow' – a 2.4-metre live-action animated character made up of an incredible 20 components.

The man behind the mask and its creation is Dalgety Bay sculptor Denis Carbonaro, who is known for making wooden creations in his back garden – more formally known as the 'Bark Park'.

Denis unveiled Haggis to the world in 2017 as part of a street performance for the Edinburgh Fringe.

But it was West Fifers who were given the first glimpse of the creature and, to carry on the tradition, 'Miss Scotland' was set to also premier on Dunfermline's High street on Saturday – Denis' birthday.

The former web designer told the Press: "She is definitely much more complex than Haggis as very few of her body parts are fixed or rigid. Her tail, her jaws, her belly and bottom, everything moves just like it happens only in cartoons!

"It wasn't until this week that I realised that she was starting to look presentable so I decided this weekend I would go to the High Street!

"She is an evolution of Haggis, who I originally made as a mascot for the bark park, but when I completed him, friends said I should take him out.

"This character is designed to represent Scotland – she is a Highland cow and a hybrid of a lady wearing high heels.

"The concept came for her in 2018 but I was so busy with Haggis, who became a star!

"She is certainly more complex though and I have been working on her for 152 days so far and mostly 10 hours a day."

Miss Scotland is also a feat of engineering with CCTV cameras, speaker phones, a music system and even a cooling system incorporated into the design.

"I'm also looking to see how I can improve it – it's much more complex than just a suit and I'm looking at things like the balance of weight for the pilot," Denis added.

"It's like a vehicle and the pilot has to through a hatch underneath to get in, the volume is the size of a real cow.

"I'm too busy trying to get it right to think about it too much but I'm excited – I know the character inside out and I'm really proud of how it has turned out."