REINSTATING the ferry link from Rosyth to Europe would prevent thousands of lorries queuing in Kent as a result of Brexit.

That's the opinion of Dunfermline and West Fife MP Douglas Chapman after it was announced that around 7,000 lorries could be forced to queue in Kent when the UK leaves the EU.

The revelation was made by Chancellor of the Duchy Michael Gove, who also flaunted the idea of a ‘border’ around Kent.

Mr Chapman has suggested the chaos could be averted by having alternative routes to the Continent.

He stated: "Within the last week, I have heard again that the level of uncertainty on moving goods is at unacceptable levels, which places a huge burden on companies to find solutions to moving finished goods for exports or importing key components.

“In Scotland, we can avoid this situation though by having alternative routes into Europe instead of everything piling into Kent and the South-East ports.

"That is why I have been working for many years to re-establish a ferry service between Rosyth and the Continent and again we have some entrepreneurs who have expressed an interest in making this route from Rosyth work for tourists and freight.

"If the pandemic has taught us anything it should be that no idea should be off the table to reinvigorate our economy. Re-establishing this connection from the heart of Scotland into the heart of Europe is a hugely viable and potentially profitable opportunity."