IT'S time to See The Bigger Picture in Dunfermline at a new exhibition at Fire Station Creative.

Five artists hailing from as close to home as Fife and as far away as Japan have united for a new showcase of work.

Award-winning sculptor Robert Mach, whose work features in the show, explains: "We have come together as a group through the ties that connect us all; through friends, neighbours, family.

"This is the theme of the exhibition; the bonds that link us all, no matter where we are from and the desire to keep making, creating, developing work; looking at the world around and within us, seeing ‘the bigger picture’.

"After the isolation of the last few months, the show is an opportunity for the artists to re-engage with the public and each other.

"Making art has great value in any circumstances but it only has true purpose when it is viewed."

Visitors to the old fire station can expect to see a range of concepts and arresting styles.

Artist Lyndsey Gibb, for example, explains her work as "taking a functional material to a dysfunctional end ... when framed by the art world, the work and material take on a new sense of worth".

Japanese artist Keiko Mukaide, who lives in Fife, added: "I will show two types of artwork in this exhibition; a series of dichroic glass panels, inspired by the ever-changing sky of Fife's coast.

"I also received a grant from Fife Council to research new materials just before the lockdown.

"Egyptian paste was developed by the ancient Egyptians before glass and pottery had been established as a manufacturing method. I have been researching and experimenting with this material over the last few months, trying to incorporate local materials like sand and twigs from the beach.

"It's not completed yet but I'm pleased to display the first piece in this exhibition."

The free exhibition opened to the public on Friday and will run until November 1.