A GRANDFATHER is calling for public awareness after finding dozens of discarded face coverings littered near Duloch Primary School.

Peter Snowdon says it's "absolutely disgusting" that people have been throwing away their used masks so close to the school grounds.

His four-year-old granddaughter even picked one up which caused him to rush home with her and wash her hands thoroughly.

Peter said: "At that age she wasn't to know any better and I quickly got her home so we could clean her hands.

"That mask could have been worn by anyone.

"They could have had coronavirus for all we know, or any other disease and germs.

"This is just regular, normal people not caring about others by throwing away their masks in place where anyone could come into contact with them. "It's a public health issue and it then becomes the problem of Fife Council as they'll need to pick them up and dispose of them."

Peter stays on Priorwood Drive which he says is only a four-minute walk away from the school.

He stated that there is several bins between his home and Duloch Primary, so there is "no excuse" for anyone to not bin their used coverings.

He continued: "I've found between 15 to 20, I'd say, just in the past week in a small area.

"Think about how many will have been thrown away in all of Dunfermline. It's not right.

"Not only do you have to wear a mask, but you also have to dispose of any non-reusable masks appropriately. You can't do one without the other.

"People of all ages need to take this seriously and not pass their germs on to others."

Fife Council and the Scottish Government have advised parents that children should be provided with reusable face coverings, if possible.

Anyone found guilty of throwing away their masks will be slapped with a fine.

A Fife Council spokesperson said: "We’d prefer if children could be provided with reusable face coverings as they are better for the environment and create less waste. They are also more cost effective for you. If using disposable face coverings though, please remind your children these should only be worn once, then disposed of properly.

"If the face covering is not reusable, they should dispose of it safely in the general waste bin.

"Face coverings must not be discarded on the school bus, even in any on-board bins. When pupils get off, they should take their face covering with them and either store it for later (in line with guidance) or dispose of it in a bin, away from the bus.

"Please remind your children it isn’t acceptable to just throw these face coverings away.

"Littering is a criminal offence, and you can receive a fixed penalty of up to £80."