IF YOU spot a young boy running wild and loving life on a mountain in the near future then it's probably Dunfermline youngster Uisdean Walstow.

The four-year-old bagged his first Munro recently alongside his mum as they reached the summit of Schiehallion.

Proud mum Katie Penman told the Press: "He is so full of energy and has so much power in his wee legs.

"We tried him with rock-climbing but as there's rules to obey with that, he wasn't having that!

"So, being out in the open and in the hills gives him the freedom to run around and burn off all that energy he has while I enjoy and take in the beautiful scenery.

"It's a win-win.

"We've done all the Lomond Hills now, Ben A'an too; which he absolutely loved.

"That's when we discovered he was totally game for doing them.

"That was last year when he was three, so we said we'd do one this year and now with Schiehallion in the bag, he's done that.

"He absolutely loved it.

"We looked at a few online and he called it the 'Pointy Mountain' and once I told him it was also called the 'Fairy Mountain', he wanted to go.

"I was aware of the boulder field at the top – which he fell in love with as he could climb up them all – but coming back down was a nightmare on the legs."

Katie and Uisdean competed the Munro on September 20 and clocking up more in the coming months is on the cards.

Katie said: "We haven't chosen the next one yet, only because the mountains are so busy just now and the car parks fill up quickly.

"He's got a taste for it now and it's been great to see him running around in the heather, climbing rocks and just having lots of fun.

"It was also so nice to see other families out and about and taking in Scotland's great outdoors."