DOODLES by a Duloch mum portraying the unfairness of COVID rules for her toddler have gone viral.

Yasmin Miles came up with a series of sketches depicting rules for two-year-old daughter Morven, compared to an adult.

Comparing Morven with Jimmy, 22, she explains that Jimmy is able to do routine activities like go to the pub, the gym and participate in indoor sports while her little one is still being stopped from going to soft play, toddler groups, swimming and play centres.

"I am just commenting on the unfairness of certain decisions that have been made after the latest announcement when they said, yet again, they were going to be pushing soft play back," said Yasmin.

"We have been counting down the days that we can start taking them. We have been asking for things that are open in England and Wales and Northern Ireland.

"It is just simple figures pointing out if you are an adult and looking for something indoors you normally do, you can go to the gym, restaurants, bars and cafes.

"My little girl, who is two-and-a-half, I would take her to soft play or a toddler group, an indoor play centre, I would take her swimming. All of these things, she is unable to do. She can't even have her wee pal round.

"Pre-schoolers have been completely overlooked. There was the switch for baby groups. She (Nicola Sturgeon) realises just how important they are, particularly for mental health, and I was pleased to see a good decision on that. I would like to know what the thinking was that when children turn one, they suddenly don't need these classes.

"I would love to hear them say that to the people who go to the gym that they can just go for a run outside."

Yasmin, who is also mum to nine-month-old baby girl Blair, said the response to her drawings shows that parents are desperate for somewhere to go.

"It has struck a nerve with mums and dads because they say how much their children are asking to go to places," she added. "I am a commercial property lawyer – if these businesses don't survive, there's going to be hundreds and hundreds of empty buildings.

"Little toddler groups and classes are being told you have got to put it to four – they are not going to re-open. We have got a track and trace system – we could see if these places are hotspots, something could quickly be done. They are just not being given the chance."

Fellow West Fife mum Fiona Reid, who had her first child, Niall, in June, is also keen to see more activities open up for her and her little one.

She is hopeful the rule of 10 for under-ones will mean she can continue at her baby sensory class but would like more options.

"My partner works full-time so I'm on my own pretty much the whole day. Being a first-time mum is hard but having that one class really helped with my mental health and my baby's development," said Fiona, from Inverkeithing.

"I really don't understand how people can think it's safer to go to a pub with lots of people around than go to a class where everything is completely sterile and safe.

"We have missed out on so much. I cannot take him swimming as that's not open apart from for lane swimming. It is sad how things have panned out. He is missing out on so much."