JOBS are being created with the opening of a new Sterling Home store in Dunfermline.

There's been a "significant investment" in the redevelopment of the premises, formerly Thomson's World of Furniture on Kingseat Road, and the aim is to open by the end of the month.

Tom Rooney, head of marketing, said: "This will be the second of our new branded Sterling Home stores and we're really excited about the site and the opportunity we have here.

"We don't think there's another store like it in the Dunfermline area.

"We're trying to open as soon as possible but it's taking a bit longer than it usually would.

"There will be new jobs created as we're expanding from solely a furniture store, as Thomson's was, to offer a much wider range of products for the home, and there will be a cafe as well.

"Everyone that's there is keeping their jobs and we're adding to the team."

He was unable to say at this time how many jobs were being created but added: "I think we'll launch by the end of the month, that's what we're aiming for, but we're working with multiple contractors.

"If it hadn't been for lockdown, I'm sure the store would already be open."

As well as stocking "the best in living, dining and bedroom furniture", the new store aims to provide a 'one-stop-shop' for the home with the latest accessories, interior trends, soft furnishings flooring and wallpapers.

There will also be a Cobbs cafe.

Mr Rooney said: "We've owned the site for a number of years. Thomson's was run as a completely separate business with its own senior management team but it's now being brought within the Sterling group.

"There aren't many retailers investing in retail just now so we're proud of the fact we're doing that.

"Of course it's been more challenging because of the pandemic but it's something we're having to work through."

A new concept for the Tillicoultry-based firm, which already has eight outlets, the first 'Home' store opened in Uddingston.

Mr Rooney said: "It's been incredibly well-received.

"The new Home stores are completely different from our other Sterling stores, they're more contemporary and modern, so we think that's something that will be an excellent fit into Dunfermline."

Sterling is the largest independent furniture store in the UK. The flagship store in Tillicoultry has been there for more than 35 years.