COUNCILLORS have backed plans to support South and West Fife families in food poverty over the October holidays.

Due to the current restrictions, help via drop-in centres at primary schools is no longer an option.

At a meeting of the South-West Fife area committee last week, councillors agreed to a more targeted approach through the distribution of meal boxes.

These will provide seven days of meals, recipe cards, live-streaming sessions and online cooking videos showing how the meals are made.

They will be supported by top-up vouchers for gas and electricity and other resources where necessary.

If families are struggling with connectivity issues, the community development team has teamed up with WEA Scotland and Connection Scotland to give out electronic devices.

Unlike the Cafe Inc idea, which helped Fifers in food poverty over the winter period last year, this system will allow for a wider geographical spread while enabling people to build confidence and skills with food.

Mandy MacEwan, community development team manager, said: “The team has been working tirelessly to support food provision and we are able to offer a very targeted approach for vulnerable families.

“We will be working with up to 50 families throughout the October holidays with food boxes similar to the likes of ‘Gousto’ food boxes.

“We are targetting families that really need this support and this provides a dignified way of supporting families out of food dependency. It’s building confidence, giving skills and also that little bit of support in the interim.”

Community pantries such as the Inverkeithing Pantry will still be running across the area throughout the October holidays.