POLICE say they are making progress in identifying youths that have been trashing Pittencrieff Park.

Since the begin of September groups have been targeting the town's much-loved Glen relentlessly.

Countless windows have been broken, there has been damage to the stone balcony at the Pavilion, benches have been wrecked ... and the list goes on.

Inspector Jill Moss, at Dunfermline Police Station, said: "Community officers have been carrying out dedicated patrols in and around the area of Pittencrieff Park in recent weeks, following numerous reports relating to anti-social behaviour and vandalism by groups of youths congregating during evenings.

"We are at this time making progress in identifying those responsible for causing the damage and our efforts will continue to help prevent any further anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

"I would ask the public to help by contacting the police at the time if they see anything which might help us put a stop to this type of behaviour.

"Callers can use the 101 number to contact police or, if it is an emergency, then they should use the 999 system."

This week the Press was contacted again by yet another concerned resident who had witnessed the damage for themselves.

Bruce Bennett said: "I was horrified to see that many windows fitted to buildings adjacent to the stage area at the side of the park had been smashed.

"Probably 10 or more windows, including some fitted to the public toilets located in the same general area. The council is currently repairing them.

"Apart from the cost to us all, what mindless idiots carry out such wanton vandalism? It beats me!"

Friends of Pittencrieff Park believe youngsters are carrying out the acts out of boredom but stressed it didn't excuse their behaviour.

Chairman Harry Dunn said: "I suspect that youngsters are feeling bored at this time because of the lack of things to do at the moment and are getting together in big groups.

"It's really quite sad and their behaviour cannot be excused when we are working hard to make the Glen a welcoming place for the community.

"People have advocated that we get CCTV and that's something that we will be looking to take forward as a project.

"The police are doing their best to patrol but they can't be everywhere.

"We would hope these people start appreciating what folk are doing makes the park better."

A Fife Council spokesperson said: "Our Safer Communities team are aware of the issue and extra patrols have been organised for the area."