TWO postal workers require surgery after two dog attacks in West Fife in the space of three days.

The first incident took place in Dunfermline on Saturday when a postie sustained a serious injury to his hand while giving a parcel to a customer.

The second occurred on Monday in Rosyth when a colleague also suffered a similar injury while delivering mail.

Both men were bitten – one by a collie and the other by a mixed breed – and will now face surgery to repair the damage.

The incidents have prompted Graeme Birtley, Communication Workers Union (CWU) rep at Dunfermline Delivery Office, to speak out in an effort to encourage owners to take responsibility for their pets.

Speaking to the Press, he said: "We would like to appeal to our customers to prevent our local postal workers from being attacked by dogs whilst carrying out their jobs.

"Most of us love and have dogs of our own. They are essentially an additional family member and make great pets.

"Unfortunately, when we put on a Royal Mail uniform and enter people's properties, for a lot of dogs they become very territorial and unpredictable in their behaviour.

"No postal worker wants to see a dog put to sleep or the owner fined when one of us is attacked by your dog but, equally, we have a right to deliver your mail and parcels safely without being attacked."

Graeme has replaced Dunfermline Central councillor Garry Haldane recently as the Communication Workers Union rep for Dunfermline, a postman who has been attacked nearly 20 times when carrying out his deliveries.

Mr Haldane has spoken to the Press on numerous occasions in the past few years about dogs attacking postal workers in the Dunfermline and West Fife area.

One woman was previously bitten on the face and is now "scarred for life" following the attack on her.

Mr Birtley has outlined several reminders to customers with dogs in a bid to prevent further incidents from taking place.

He said: "Keep your dog indoors or in the back garden where it cannot get to the front. Most dog attacks happen in the front garden.

"Place your dog in a secure room prior to answering your door. Don't wrestle with your dog at the doorway when the postie is present.

"Don't allow small children to answer your door.

"Consider fitting a cage of sorts behind your letter box. Many attacks take place here.

"Fit an external letter box at your gate so the postie doesn't have to enter your garden.

"Don't expect our posties to feed your dog. This is Royal Mail policy so please don't be offended."