THE heartbroken mum of tot Robyn Knox who was killed tragically in a road accident says life has been a "complete blur" since the death of her daughter.

Brave Danielle Falconer and Robyn's dad, Barry Knox, have been keeping positive by setting up a service to help other bereaved families and fundraising committee as a lasting legacy to their cherished daughter.

Robyn was just three when she was hit by a Nissan Micra beside a local shop on Townhill's Main Street on August 3.

The couple had only just announced they were expecting twins at the time of the tragic incident. Danielle, a teacher at Lumphinnans Primary School, spoke to the Press this week about the aftermath of their loss.

The 26-year-old said: "The past few months have been a complete blur and we have tried to keep busy with positive things in Robyn’s memory. We’ve also had to keep going for the sake of the twins.

"Robyn shows us every day that she’s around and that’s very comforting.

"Grief takes you by surprise and you experience many different emotions, it is not a linear thing, you go back and forth between emotions.

"It is like the ocean, it hits you in different waves and sometimes those waves are huge."

Danielle said that at the time of the accident, Robyn had gone to a local shop at Townhill with a loved one to get her favourite magazine. She said that a van and a 4x4 were parked in a bay directly outside the front of the shop which was blocking the line of sight for any pedestrian or motorist driving and that neither Robyn nor the person she was with could see the car coming.

Danielle was leaving the nail salon when police officers broke the heartbreaking news of the accident to her and she had to call Barry, who was decorating at the family home in Cardenden.

Danielle explained: "Robyn was very sensible near roads but because no-one could see the coming car she had literally taken one step on to the road when she was hit by the car.

"She nor the driver had a chance as there was no way for them to see each other.

"This is exactly the reason the road is being changed and the temporary bollards are in place just now so that no-one’s line of sight is ever blocked again.

"It’s heartbreaking that our girl’s life had to be taken for these changes to happen, however, this will ensure no other family faces the same torment."

As well as seeing improvements to road safety, the family have been concentrating efforts on fundraising for the children's ward at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy after staff showed them incredible support during the toughest moments of their life.

To focus their grief on something positive, they have set up a committee of people from all different parts of Robyn's life to fundraise going forwards and have received phenomenal support from the community.

"Robyn impacted so many people’s lives and had a positive impact on everyone she met," Danielle said.

"We want this to continue through our fundraising and social media account to ensure everyone knows, remembers, and loves the Robyn we all do.

"It is important for us as a family to raise money for the children’s ward at the Victoria Hospital as during the most difficult time in our lives, the three nurses we dealt with directly treated us with such love and compassion and we want to be able to give something back to them in memory of our sweet girl.

"We realised during the aftermath of Robyn’s accident that there isn’t much for families who lose a child suddenly or unexpectedly, along with the fact that there is not much, if anything, in place for hospital staff.

"The nurses we dealt directly went above and beyond for us, they treated us with such empathy and we can never thank them enough.

"We hope in time we can raise enough funds to help both the staff in the children’s ward and also other families who find themselves in our situation.

"If what we do can provide the smallest ounce of help to the hospital or another family it will all be worthwhile."

Danielle added: "One piece of advice I’d give to anyone who is faced with a tragedy like ours is to be kind to themselves.

"Try to focus on a positive or doing something positive in memory of the person.

"Keep them alive as they are with you every step of the way. These are definitely all things getting us through."

You can help with fundraising on the the 'Remembering Robyn' Facebook page.