West Fifers joined together on Sunday to protest against plans for a new McDonald’s drive-thru restaurant in the car park of Tesco’s supermarket in Duloch.

Placards and posters were raised to draw attention to the site where 67 car parking spaces will be lost to make way for the burger joint.

Locals feel concerns about an increase in traffic congestion have been totally ignored by Fife Council, planning officers and the applicants.

The protest organised by new group ‘Duloch Against McDonald’s’ also saw cars circling the site to demonstrate what the extra traffic will do to the area.

Spokesman Alan Gordon, of Plover Crescent, whose child goes to nearby Duloch Primary School, told the Press: “Some people didn’t agree with what we were doing but I think they are in the minority.

“Lots of people were in support of us and were peeping their horns. The feeling is that there is not much we can do to stop it but we have to hold them to account for their promises on tidying up litter and dealing with anti-social behaviour.

“I’ve found this whole thing a very eye-opening experience, it’s so much in the developer’s favour, the community don’t have a say. We recently found out that in England this would not be able to go ahead because it’s too near two schools.

“There are plans to legislate that here but we wonder if McDonald’s are trying to push plans like this through because of that. This will create so many problems in the future but we’ll try our best to make sure the impact is minimised.”

Last month, the central and west planning committee approved plans for a two-storey McDonald’s drive-thru restaurant to be built on the Tesco Extra car park off Turnstone Road.

There were 176 objections but councillors voted 11-3 in favour. McDonald’s said the new outlet, which will be in the northern section of the Tesco car park, across the road from the Aldi store, will create 65 jobs.

One of the councillors who voted against the plans was Dunfermline North representative Ian Ferguson and he joined the protest on Sunday.

He said: “There were people there from all ages of the community including children and people from outside Duloch who don’t want the McDonald’s there.

“It’s the wrong location. Tesco needs to understand how concerned and angered people are. But it seems that we are not going to prove how bad a decision it is until the McDonald’s is built and then it’s too late. I’ve never heard anyone say this is a good idea.”

Dunfermline South councillor James Calder also joined in the protest and said: “Residents are rightly furious and it is an outrage that they have so far been ignored. I hope this protest will make Tesco start listening. One thing is clear – there should not be McDonald’s in the Duloch Tesco car park.”

Former MSP Cara Hilton was present at the protest with her youngest child who attends Duloch PS. She added: “The community are angry that this has gone ahead with little consultation.

“It just seems crazy right next to two schools and it stuns me that they weren’t consulted when it’s on the walking route to school. I’m not against McDonald’s but it’s the wrong location. The road system is not going to be able to cope.

“I also think Tesco and Aldi will suffer from it because there isn’t the capacity. The community are getting a hard deal.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We are pleased to work with a number of businesses, including McDonald’s.”