COMPLAINTS about dog fouling and fly tipping went down in the last year.

A report to members of Fife Council’s City of Dunfermline Area Committee revealed there were a total of 1,280 requests for help for environmental enforcement issues coming from members of the public to the safer communities team.

The most complained about issue was flytipping which attracted 590 complaints – 34 less than the previous year in the Dunfermline area – about people dumping rubbish where they shouldn't.

Councillors were told on Tuesday that noise was the next biggest problem with 275 local residents requiring issues to be dealt with in their neighbourhood.

The figures were from the financial year 2019-20 and included 190 complaints about abandoned vehicles – an increase of 15 – while 125 dog fouling complaints were made, a decrease of 20.

There were 100 concerns raised about 'contaminated garden issues' which was a rise of 17 from the previous year.

A report from Fife Council’s head of housing services, John Mills, said there had been a total of 27 stray dogs reported to the safer communities dog wardens. This was four more than in 2018-19.

“Twenty four of the dogs were microchipped but only seven of these reflected the correct details of their owners,” he stated.

“Nineteen dogs were claimed/returned to their owner.

“Eight Dunfermline residents were given advice regarding the control of their dog, a decrease of one from 2018-19.”

Five dog control dog warning letters were sent out, compared to seven the previous year, while 13 dog control notices (DCNs) were issued in the area – an increase of nine on the previous year.

“In addition to our normal business of supporting and enforcing dog control legislation throughout Fife, we developed an accredited dog walking scheme which allows us to monitor how such businesses operate,” added Mr Mills.

“Accredited dog walkers are required to adhere to specific guidelines and, in return, their business is advertised on Fife Direct and also on our safer communities webpage.

“This scheme works very much in the same way as the trusted traders’ scheme.

"During 2019-20, four applicants registered within the City of Dunfermline area.”