A power cut is affecting the KY11 and KY12 postcodes in Dunfermline, Scottish Power have confirmed. 

The lights at the Kingsgate Shopping Centre went out at around 14.29 today when the power cut began. 

The traffic lights at Pilmuir Street junction are also out causing issues there. 

Scottish Power are unaware why this has happened and say they are working to restore power to the area by 16.29. 

A statement on their website read: "There is a power cut affecting the KY12 postcode area of Dunfermline.

"We had no advance warning of this and only became aware of it at 2.29pm.

"Our control centre has managed to remotely restore power to some customers, and our emergency response team are on their way to investigate third party damage to our network.

"Our team will work to get all remaining power back on as quickly and as safely as possible by 4.30pm. Once they arrive, or when we receive any update regarding the cause, we will be able to provide you with more information.

"We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience."

Postcodes affected: KY114LW, KY12, KY120AJ, KY120LN, KY120LP, KY120LR, KY120LW, KY120LZ, KY120ND, KY120NH, KY120QG, KY120QJ, KY120QL, KY120QR, KY120QW, KY121AA, KY127AJ, KY127AN, KY127AT, KY127AX, KY127BB, KY127BD, KY127DP, KY127DR, KY127EB, KY127HN, KY127JB, KY127JQ, KY127JR, KY127LJ, KY127NF, KY127NT, KY127NU, KY127PE, KY127PX, KY127QA, KY127QE, KY127QU, KY129DD, KY129DN, KY129DP, KY129DX, KY129EP, KY129EZ, KY129XX