A DALGETY BAY man has the backing of his local MP after coming up with a way he thinks will help in the battle against coronavirus.

'IT guru' Brian Henderson believes he has the code to crack coronavirus spread in the community.

He said the solution is not expensive or complex but is simple, cheap, practical – in the form of a simple colour wristband.

He believes the simple device, a "guardian angel on your wrist", would signal to others if you are safe.

This traffic light scheme would indicate, Red- ‘isolating beware’, Amber - not had Covid, be aware and Green - had Covid (and I may have immunity).

Brian, of The Bridges, said: “We all found the first lockdown hard, the isolation, the inability to even hug loved ones.

“Some of us even lost people we loved and now miss dearly, many did not even get to say goodbye or farewell, some were gone in 4-5 days, with maybe a nurse at their bedside to ease their passing.

“No funerals, no church services to comfort the bereaved! But there is light at end of tunnel, it’s amazing to see so many rainbows in windows..... our community symbol.

“Well let’s take next step, put those rainbows on your wrists so when you’re out and about you just wave and show you're part of the A-team - trying to fight Covid together but at least two metres alert.

“Silicon coloured wristbands are optional - no enforcement - but it can signal to others you're being safe.

“Bands cost 1p for a Tyrex daily version, or 20p for silicon. Set of 8-10 rainbows pack about £2. You can find them on eBay and Amazon and even make your own.

“My idea has been presented to my local SNP MP (Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath) and he has written to the Scottish health minister about it!

“It’s on her desk and a Fife plan could save lives from Covid!”

Neale Hanvey MP (right) said: “The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way we live our lives and left many of us desperate to find ways to return to normal.

“It is important that my constituents have someone willing to take their concerns seriously and to give them a channel to have their voice heard.

“As such, following a surgery appointment, I agreed to write to the Cabinet Secretary for Health to put forward Mr Henderson’s views.”