A DUNFERMLINE man was invited into a neighbour’s home and then assaulted.

The victim was grabbed by the throat and choked by Louis King, who has now appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing.

King, now of Beatty Place, had invited the man and his partner to his home to socialise but suddenly became aggressive.

King, 20, admitted that on September 5, at his then home in Adamson Crescent, he assaulted a man by repeatedly seizing him by the throat and compressing it then pushing him, causing his head to strike a wall.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said King had moved into his home about two months before the incident.

On the night of the assault, he had sent a message to the couple via Facebook saying: “Want to come over for a smoke? Just come in, the door is open.”

The couple decided to go, even though they had seen King behaving aggressively on previous meetings with him.

“When they got there, he was drunk. There was a strong smell of alcohol and cans of beer were lying on the floor,” said the depute.

“Later, he showed them photos of his girlfriend and for no reason became aggressive.”

He grabbed the man by the throat, began choking him and his head struck off a wall.

The victim’s partner intervened and King briefly backed off before grabbing him again by the throat, saying: “You’ve got no respect for me.”

The man and his partner then left the property, added the depute.

Defence solicitor Aime Allan said her client had stopped consuming alcohol since the incident and he had now set up a business.

Sheriff James MacDonald fined King £400.