AN ANGRY driver has hit out at Fife Council for failing to fix a pothole in Abbeyview despite multiple complaints from residents.

Michelle Henderson said she burst her tyre on a defect in Skye Road on her way to work several weeks ago. But she says despite promises that the council would fix it quickly, the pothole still remains.

Fife Council say that that the pothole has been assessed as low risk and will be repaired in the next 12 months, but they will now look at it again.

Michelle, who lives on Clunie Road, said: “I’ve reported it several times and I know my neighbours have too.

“When I burst my tyre I sent in photos and I was told that it would be fixed within 24 hours, I’m guessing because it was seen as an emergency.

“But I’ve never heard anything. You have to swerve onto the other side of the road to avoid it – it’s dangerous because it’s such a drop and you also don’t want to go on the other side of the road.

“The council have just resurfaced the whole of Shields Road but they can’t fix a couple of potholes?”

Service manager Bill Liddle confirmed that the council is aware of the pothole and has been in touch with residents in the area. He added: “We assess potholes on a priority basis to make sure the most serious ones are dealt with first.

“Our safety inspections assess the most critical for repair. The pothole in Skye Road was assessed as low risk and was programmed to be repaired within the next 12 months.

“However, we will make sure the road is looked at again in case it has deteriorated and needs more urgent attention.”