SENIOR West Fife pupils have created a film showing what school life is like during a pandemic.

The Inverkeithing High School youngsters were inspired to make the three-minute video to help their fellow pupils navigate the rules that now shape the school day and give parents some insight into what their children are experiencing.

Wearing face masks when travelling around the building, following one-way systems, sanitising hands and wiping desks are just some of the measures the film explains to pupils.

The group of S6 pupils who developed, shot and edited the video, hope that their simple message will help their peers stick to the guidelines so everyone can keep safe.

Head senior Naiomi Cumming told the Press: "We saw some people were confused and we needed to approach this together.

"It's also helpful for parents because it gives them insight because they can't see exactly what it's like.

"I think the fact that there is something visual really helps young people and we tried to tailor it for all year pupils."

Set to the song, 'Superhero', by Viki Gabor, the video was filmed and edited by Zack Niven, with voiceovers by George Doyle and Katie Lancaster, who also drafted the script with fellow deputy head Beismah Mohammed.

It is also explains slightly more unfamiliar things to the outside world such as staggered lunchtimes and absence of the school bell which is now in play.

Zack said: "We wanted the message to come from the pupils' perspective and not just teachers.

"A visual aid helps get your head around a difficult thing.

"We filmed it in different sections and made tweaks to it until we had something that we tested on pupils and got good feedback on.

"We hope pupils don't just see them as rules but guidelines that have purpose so keep everyone safe as nobody wants the school to shut down again!"

The video has been shown to all pupils during registration at its launch last week and is also available on the school's YouTube page so people can familiarise themselves with the guidelines again when needed.

The group is now working on a poster campaign reinforcing some of the messages around safety measures too.

Depute Malcolm Mclure said: "It's such an uncertain time for people but when we showed the video it created a familiar atmosphere to bring people together."

Head senior Matthew Pirrie added: "As a pupil leadership team we are approachable and if it's us that are saying to put your masks on then, hopefully, people will follow our example.

"We are representing the school when we go out and I think the majority of pupils are following the measures."

Proud deputy head Nicola Masterson told the Press: "It's fantastic that pupils are encouraged to take responsibility because the message is communicated by their peers.

"It's quite a serious message but they've managed to put it across in a positive way.

"It has been really successful for the pupils and we've had positive messages from parents too who now feel like they can encourage their child with the rules as they've seen what it is like.

"Young people can get bad press but I think it's a real shame because these pupils have shown they have the attributes that make them great future citizens.

"It's brought out their creativity and I feel incredibly lucky to work with them.

"They are incredibly proactive and had this project all done within a few weeks.

"Normally, there would be formals and proms that we're not sure about any more but they're all taking it in their stride."