A TRIO of brothers and best mates will be taking on a charity run in Dunfermline in nothing but budgie-smugglers! 

They could have just grown an impressive moustache as part of Movember but Fraser and Calum Cowe and Andy Hayes have decided they’ll deal with the embarrassment and cold to raise money for an important cause close to their hearts. 

They’ll run 8K all together on December 5 making their way around Dunfermline town centre. 

Fraser, 28, who works in IT, told the Press: “We were a bit over the moustache thing so we thought, ‘What can do to make it a bit more exciting and raise as much money as we can?!’

“So we’ll be doing the run in our Speedos and it will be the first week of December so we’re expecting it to be nippy!

“We just thought if we’re going to do something it has to be quite out there to stand out.

“We weren’t sure how long we’d be able to do it with the cold so we went for 8km. 

“Our partners seem surprisingly OK about it! We thought we might get a bit of a frosty reaction from them but the fact that they seem OK about it might say something about the shape of our bodies at the moment!

“We’ll probably not show our faces for a while after!”

Fraser has been good mates with Andy, 33, since they were teens as he went to high school with his brother, Calum, also aged 33. 

They all know too well the difference the money raised by Movember makes which shines a spotlight on mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer every year. 

They witnessed friends struggling with their mental health who have been helped by phone lines set up to support the public and Calum and Fraser both lost their grandad to prostate cancer several years ago. 

Fraser said: “We lost our grandad a good few years ago now and we’ve been raising money for quite a while now. 

“But we’ve seen so many friends struggling with their mental health, especially during the lockdown. 

“One of our friends has actually tried to harm himself a few times and we wanted to try and do something. 

“We personally know that one of the lines set up for suicide prevention because of the money donated through Movember has helped one of our friends.

"It’s one way we can show some support and raise some money because we’ve seen it making a difference.”

If you would like to donate to the trio’s crazy challenge, visit: https://movember.com/t/the-budgy-mo-s?mc=1