FORMER colleagues and friends of a retired Dunfermline police sergeant lined the streets for his funeral last week.

Albert Clark died on October 14 at the age of 59.

His funeral took place last Thursday at Cowdenbeath North Parish Church before burial at Ballingry cemetery.

After going to school in Ballingry, Albert worked for the Coal Board as a scientific technician before joining Fife Police in 1983.

After his first postings in Kirkcaldy and Guardbridge, he then served in Oakley, Dunfermline, Cowdenbeath and Dalgety Bay before returning to Dunfermline where he served as custody sergeant.

As well as his duties at Dunfermline Police Station, Albert was a trained police search advisor which, as well as helping with missing people searches, saw him carry out searches to ensure buildings were secure for high-profile events taking place in Fife and further afield.

Albert, who married wife Rae in 1982 and had two children, Jacqueline and Alasdair, and one grand-daughter, Abbie, retired from the force in 2013 after 30 years of service.

He then was a great support to his wife, Rae, who had followed a calling to be a minister. The couple had just moved to Clackmannan in February when she took up the post of minister at Clackmannan Parish Church.

"Despite it being just a few weeks in the church over the past few months, he still managed to get to know a huge number of the congregation," said Rae. "He was a practical man and just really kind. If he thought he could do something to help, he would do it and if he couldn't, he would try and find a way to try to help.

"He had a long, full 30-year career and then he loved his retirement. He enjoyed meeting friends. He kept up with colleagues and former colleagues. He enjoyed being around for his grand-daughter and enjoyed time with the family. He was very much a family man."

Rae said being in the police was a huge part of her husband's life.

"He was a sergeant but he just liked to work with his colleagues," she said. "He had fantastic colleagues to work with over the years who he spoke highly of. He was very much a people person with a wicked sense of humour.

"So many people turned out to line the route at various points from here, where we have been living recently, along the whole route past previous family homes right out to the church and cemetery.

"People from all parts of life and a huge number of colleagues turned out and that has brought such comfort to us as a family."

A post on Fife Police Division's Facebook page stated: "He was well-regarded and considered to be an excellent police officer. His passing is a great loss to all in policing."