A CARNOCK resident has hit out at Fife Council claiming botched roadworks has meant he has been submerged with constant flooding problems.

Alan Stewart said he – and his neighbour – are having to deal with regular water issues after their cul de sac was resurfaced in May last year.

He is now considering legal action to resolve the situation which has left him relying on sandbags to keep water from his Burnbank home.

"I have been here for six years now and there has never been any flooding," he explained. "They came to resurface the cul de sac in May last year and since then, whenever it has rained, it floods.

"It has got to the point that the water comes up and all the rubbish comes out of the drain. It comes over the top of the kerb into the garden and into the neighbour's drive. His driveway overflows and it floods into mine.

"I am beyond frustrated. I have sandbags in front of the garage – the driveway is ruined. When I moved in, we got monoblocking and all the bricks have moved. There is a channel running down the side of the house where water goes. I can see tide marks where it comes up to the height of the sandbags.

"My neighbour has had to build a wall inside his garage to stop the water."

Council workers have been out, as have Scottish Water, however, Mr Stewart said they appear to be no closer to a resolution.

"The council came out and poured lots of water down the drain and it floods – they don't need to waste council tax money with bringing vehicles out as we knew that.

"They then said they would get Scottish Water to look at it again. They came out and it was an independent company. This time, they put cameras down the drains and they showed me a live video showing it was road grout in the drain which was blocking half of it.

"I didn't ask for the road to be resurfaced and it is great it has been done. But things happen and if you make a mistake, you go and fix it. That is why I have become angry."

Sara Wilson, Fife Council lead consultant – network condition, confirmed they were looking into the issue.

She added: "We’re aware of this situation and are working with Scottish Water to investigate what the problem is and find a resolution.”