KIND-HEARTED volunteers who set up a community pantry to feed families and individuals struggling in Dunfermline have been praised for their hard work by a Fife MSP.

Alex Rowley visited the project based at the Tryst Centre in Abbeyview which has provided more than 4,500 bags of food since the beginning of lockdown with demand increasing every week.

Project co-ordinator Nyree Keith explained that the pantry started with the primary aim of reducing the amount of food being sent to landfill by working with stores to support people in need.

Since the outbreak of COVID, the project has adapted to meet the growing challenge of food poverty and is now part of the Fife Council food resilience team.

Mr Rowley said: “The amount of time given over by volunteers to support others is just amazing and whilst it is sad that lack of food is even an issue in a modern economy, the fact is people are struggling whether in work or not.

“I thanked all the people I met and this project demonstrates all that is good about ordinary people doing extraordinary things in difficult times to help each other.”

The project covers Abbeyview, Duloch, Halbeath, Touch and Brucefield. Anyone from these areas in need of support with food should call 07730809375 on a Wednesday between 10am and 1pm and they will be given a slot for the pick-up on the Thursday.