SIX new positive coronavirus cases linked to West Fife schools have been confirmed this afternoon by NHS Fife.

Since their last update on Wednesday, the health board has revealed its Public Health Test and Protect team has been investigating:

* 3 additional COVID-19 cases associated with Queen Anne High.

* 1 additional COVID-19 case associated with Dunfermline High.

* 1 additional COVID-19 case associated with Woodmill High.

* 1 additional COVID-19 case associated with Torryburn Primary.

The Press understands a number of pupils are self-isolating and therefore absent from the above high schools and, this week, Fife Council chief executive Steve Grimmond told members of the council's policy and co-ordination committee yesterday (Thursday) that school attendance was down.

NHS Fife say that where there is more than one confirmed case, this does not necessarily suggest transmission within the school and may relate to a sibling or household group, or it may be separate incidences of community-acquired infection.

Where contact tracing is necessary, risk management and the provision of isolation advice has been undertaken in conjunction with Fife Council education staff.

There are a number of useful resources available for parents in Fife, with information on how best to reduce the chances of your family contracting the virus and what you should do if someone in the household develops symptoms. These can be accessed at:

Furthermore, Fife Council has made a comprehensive list of questions and answers available for parents and carers at:

Anyone with any one or more of the symptoms should immediately self-isolate and order a test on the NHS inform website or by calling 0800 028 2816.