A DULOCH dad will be taking on an ultimate test of endurance by running the equivalent of 13 marathons over just SIX days.

Craig Hynd, 39, will be competing in three ultra races across the UK during 2021 in aid of the CHAS hospice in Kinross.

Many of his friends and family think he's mad for taking on the challenge but the environmental engineer has been inspired to help children with terminal illness since becoming a father himself.

He told the Press: "I took on a couple of long-distance challenges a couple of years ago and it really pushed me to my limit.

"I was absolutely broken after and now I'm more than doubling those efforts.

"My friends and family are asking me if I'm mad!

"But last year, we had our son, Callan, and I started reading the work of CHAS and the assistance they give for end-of-life care for children.

"Now that I'm a dad it's really hit home and I could never imagine going through that with my son.

"I decided that the challenge would need to be harder and a longer distance than before and that's where the three ultra races came in."

Craig will get 30 hours to complete 100 miles in the Great Britain Ultra as well as in the second race, the Pen Llyn Ultra.

The final race, also in Wales, will be the 'Ring o Fire', which is 138 miles running eight hours on day one, 15 hours on day two and eight hours again on day three.

They take place in May, June, and July.

"I love the outdoors and I do a lot of hillwalking so I'm trying to make that into a run," Craig explained.

"I've changed my diet and I'm doing as much training as I can in my free time.

"But that's the hardest part, trying to find the time!

"My partner, Louise, has been very supportive and allows me to go off running as long as I can.

"I try to go for five/six hours without stopping and as much hill-running as I can as it will be mountain terrain."

Craig is not averse to adventure though and two years ago embarked on a trek around South America with Louise.

He's also been to Everest in Nepal, Uganda and Tanzania with work and conflict zones like the Congo.

"I do love an adventure!" Craig said.

"I think in this latest challenge though, people think I'm having a mid-life crisis!

"I'm not sure how I'm fitting it all in at the moment and I feel like a zombie at times!

"But my target is to raise £5,400 for CHAS which pays for a full day and night for a family at Rachel's House and counselling afterwards, which makes it very personal for me."

To donate to Craig's challenge visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/craig-hynd1