THE Yellow Cafe in Rosyth has expanded its business for the second time this year by opening up a new shop in Inverkeithing.

Yellow Cafe’s Larder and Sandwich Bar will be selling local produce and crafts as well as serving Barista Coffee, fresh home baking, and the company's famous cheesecake.

The eatery in Rosyth has been a sweet-tooth favourite for almost five years and in the summer they converted a 1970s horsebox into a catering unit to serve at The Plant Market in Dalgety Bay.

It's all part of owners Ewen and Maighan Brand's plan to fight back against the challenges that coronavirus brings to businesses.

Ewen told the Press: "Yes, conditions are tough but it's tough for everybody at the moment and we are not letting it get to us.

"We are fighting back and we don't think there is any point in sitting back so that's why we've set up in Inverkeithing as well as our mobile horsebox in Dalgety Bay, where we've now installed a wood fire pizza oven and we're looking to take that out to events."

The Larder is stocking pies from The Buffalo Farm, fresh bread, pastries, jams, curry kits, Christmas hampers and lots of Scottish local produce.

While the cafe in Rosyth does sell some deli-style products, the Larder will focus on becoming a local store.

The business has also been able to take on one more employee to open its new premises on King Street.

"It's difficult and a lot of hard work but we're just taking it in our stride and we'll keep going!" Ewen said.

"Our cafe in Rosyth is doing OK – we're probably about 30 per cent smaller because we've obviously lost some tables but expanding in different areas will keep the business going.

"It always takes a while to build up a new place but there's no reason why it shouldn't work in Inverkeithing.

"The most difficult thing is getting people through the door but we have built up a reputation with our customers in Rosyth so we can draw them to the Larder too."

The Yellow Cafe’s Larder and Sandwich Bar is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am-3.30pm and Saturday 9am-12pm.