A DOG-WALKER has questioned whether Fife Council patrol teams are really paying visits to Abbeyview Park which has been targeted by vandals in recent weeks.

As reported in last week's Press, bins have been removed because they have been burned so many times and glass has been broken around paths.

The council’s safer communities team told us they have been stepping up patrols in response to the anti-social behaviour but a resident who visits the park regularly begged to differ.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "I'm up that park three times a day walking my dogs early morning, afternoon and evening and not once have I seen patrol teams walking around the park.

"It is just a disgusting mess; everywhere rubbish lying about, poop bags thrown about; just last week, three high school girls where on the top bit of the rocket setting fire to their school jotters.

"When confronted they ran away, leaving the fire burning which had to be put out.

"It’s such a shame as the park is a lovely area and is well used by the public – it’s the minority that is causing the vandalism.

"The council and wardens need to come down hard on the people doing it and be made an example of – it's such a waste to a lovely park."

Dunfermline councillor James Calder called for action last week against the “mindless idiots” who have been vandalising the park.

This week, he said: "There are clearly a lot of issues here: the safer communities team have told me they are stepping up patrols and the street-cleaning team, they are going now three times a week to the park.

"I was there one lunc time last week and I could see a pupil trying to damage equipment in the playpark.

"The fact that I've seen things, as have members of the public, is a sign that more needs to be done by the council.

"I think if there were more patrols it would act as deterrent."

The safer communities team confirmed to the Press again that patrols were taking place and they are also patrolling at lunchtimes too.

Team manager, Safer Communities, Dawn Jamieson, also said they were aware of the vandalism and littering issues.

She said: "Vandalism of any kind is unacceptable and a blight on our communities. We are stepping up our patrols in this area and working with police to help combat this anti-social behaviour."