SEVEN neighbourhoods in West Fife recorded the highest number of positive coronavirus rates in the past week.

The figures from Public Health Scotland revealed hotspots in the area for the period November 22-28, with cases per 100,000 population.

The highest number of cases was reported in Dunfermline Duloch North and Lynebank, which had 16 positive cases in the past seven days.

In West Fife, other 'red' neighbourhoods with the highest rates per 100,000 population were as follows: Aberdour and Auchtertool (1-4 cases); Cairneyhill and Crombie (1-4); Dunfermline Duloch South (5); Dunfermline Milesmark and Wellwood (11); Kelty East (8); Valleyfield Culross and Torryburn (6).

In the 75-99 per 100,000 population category were: Dunfermline Bellyeoman and Townhill, Dunfermline Brucefield, Kincardine, Rosyth East, Rosyth South and Saline and Gowkhall (all 1-4 cases).

In the 50-74 category are: Crossgates and Halbeath, Dunfermline Baldridgeburn, Dunfermline Headwell, Dunfermline Touch and Woodmill (all 1-4 cases).

In the 30-49 category are: Dalgety Bay Central, Dunfermline Central, Dunfermline Masterton, Dunfermline Pitcorthie West (all 1-4 cases).

In the 15-29 category are: Crossford Charlestown and Limekilns, Dunfermline Pitcorthie East, Oakley Comrie and Blairhall (all 1-4 cases).

Areas with zero positive cases are: Dalgety Bay East, Dalgety Bay West and Hillend, Dunfermline Abbeyview North, Dunfermline Abbeyview South, Dunfermline Garvock Hill, Inverkeithing East, Kelty West, Rosyth Central, Rosyth North.