FAMILIES in Duloch continue to be plagued by Amazon workers who are causing parking chaos by abandoning their cars during shifts in residential streets near the Dunfermline warehouse.

Politicians have been inundated with messages of concern from locals who say the actions of Amazon staff are "extremely dangerous".

As the Press reported last month, Amazon pledged to help deliver a solution to the parking problem and have brought in a number of measures, including increasing shuttle buses services from Halbeath Park and Ride, but families are continuing to suffer.

Some of the streets affected include Sandpiper Drive, Caithness Drive, Tirran Drive and Bennachie Way.

A man who has lived on Tirran Drive for 12 years, told the Press it was the first time they had ever had "any issues of this kind".

"Not a single employee had parked here until the last few weeks so I’m not sure what has changed – they can’t say it’s a rise in seasonal workers because it’s never happened before," the man who wishes to stay anonymous said. 

"Our children were awoken around 7.30-7.45 this morning with cars revving, doors slamming and lots of people milling around.

"Most of these cars are parked up on the kerb and close together or on street corners, making it difficult to use the paths, particularly for buggies, and making it dangerous to drive around corners due to poor visibility.

"We have a school drop-off point in our street and there are a lot of children having to walk between parked cars and risking their lives as some don’t pay attention.

"They are also all parked around the children’s playpark so any children visiting the park are having to negotiate these parked cars.

"There are cars all over our estate and all the way up Sandpiper Drive including on the double yellow lines and around the roundabouts. If they do not do something about it they are in effect endorsing their employees' behaviour and this, in turn, will become our new norm, which none of us want to happen."

Several other residents also contacted the Press out of concern over safety particularly for children, with one saying: "I think a child is going to be injured."

Both Councillor James Calder and Councillor David Ross representing the Dunfermline South ward have been in dialogue with Amazon and are hopeful that residents will see improvements soon due to the various action taken by the retail giant.

But ,they have asked constituents to keep contacting them if the problem continues.

Drivers have also been warned that parking on the path is a criminal offence.

Fife Council have confirmed that they been in talks with Amazon about parking arrangements and the further development of Park and Ride sites with an increase in the number of cars travelling to and from Amazon as staff follow public health guidance on car-sharing and with more staff are working in the run-up to Christmas.

The council are working with Amazon, who say they are patrolling residential areas, and an enforcement team are taking action where vehicles are parked on yellow lines.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We take this matter seriously and are working hard to address this issue. We have introduced additional shuttle buses from the nearby park and ride and are working with Fife Council to address any parking issues.

"We are also currently conducting daily patrols of the area and asking employees to move their vehicle and use the nearby park and ride facility.

"We are continuing to remind all employees of the additional travel and parking arrangements in place and discouraging parking in the nearby residential areas.

"The off-site HGV parking area near the Queensferry Crossing is in operation. We are working with our carriers to ensure all drivers are made aware of the correct parking and driving directions and reminding them to not approach the site through the residential area."