Rosyth families have been warned to remain vigilant after a boy was allegedly shot in the face with a BB gun.

The incident is said to have happened at the town's Public Park at Park Road last Wednesday evening (December 30).

Locals have reported that while the boy was walking through the park he was approached by a teen, who shot him in the face at close range, narrowly missing his eye.

The boy's mum, Dara Portsmouth, confirmed the incident on Facebook after locals warned others to be vigilant.

She said: "It was my little boy that was hit! It was done at close rage!

"Right at his face, and has left a bruise. If it had been a little to the right it would have had his eye!

"Not wanting any drama, just asking parents to have a word on the safety of these guns!

"Not down at a local park where little ones are playing. It has been reported!"

Rosyth families showed their anger about the incident online, Debby Porter said: "Who in their right mind allows kids to walk around toting any type of weapon? Parents: time to step up and teach your children right from wrong. Hope the injured boy is OK."

Carron Fisher Hall added: "Hope the wee boy is OK and they catch whoever done this. Lived here all my life, it’s getting worse."

Pat Kerr said: "Police action required immediately. What idiot of a parent bought that. Beggars belief."

Although the incident has said to have been reported, a spokesperson for Police Scotland said no record of an incident at the park could be found.