FIFERS are being forced to travel as far as Carlisle or Aberdeen to sit driving theory tests according to MSP Alex Rowley.

He's called for answers after he was contacted by fed-up constituents who have faced long trips to sit the assessment.

The Mid Scotland and Fife MSP has written to the Cabinet Secretary for Transport to highlight the issue and look at why people are being given test centres so far from Fife.

“I was shocked to receive complaints from people who told me they had to travel to Aberdeen to sit this test then another person came on to me telling me they had been given a date four months from now in Carlisle," he said.

"It seems many have found they have to travel far and wide to take this test.

“There is a test centre in Leven but it would seem it cannot cope if people are being sent so far. Given this is a matter dealt with by Westminster, I am asking Fife MPs if they can also follow-up with the Department for Transport and get a picture of demand from Fife and how that demand is being met.

"The amount of time and cost associated with travelling to Aberdeen or Carlisle must be considered and if this is the only way to meet demand from Fife then other solutions must be brought forward.

“There are test centres in Stirling, Edinburgh and Dundee which are obviously nearer but constituents are being sent much further afield so we need to establish why and then what is to be done to rectify this situation."

A DVSA spokesperson confirmed that substantial delays had built up because of the pandemic.

“As a result of the lockdown and the Scottish Government’s apprenticeship scheme for the logistics industry, ​DVSA is facing unprecedented demand for theory tests in Scotland," said the spokesperson.

“We are offering more tests at our centres by increasing their opening hours and running tests on extra days where possible.

“We are unable to increase the number of desks for tests we provide in the current centres due to the two-metre physical distancing restrictions in Scotland.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause but we ask that you are patient as we continue to protect our customers and staff from COVID-19 whilst continuing to carry out these vital tests.”