A WEST FIFE councillor is back to his duties after recovering from surgery.

Dunfermline North councillor Gavin Ellis posted on Facebook that he would return to work on January 3, last Sunday, after taking time to recuperate following him receiving health treatment.

"I underwent surgery for an issue that was of concern," he said.

"I need to take some time to recover from the surgery, however, I will be restarting my walks around the villages and ward on January 3.

"Believe it or not, I have missed being out and about and also being isolated and away from my little assistant Finlay (his son).

"I will in the meantime be working through messages and emails from residents so please bear with me."

Cllr Ellis is understood to be dealing with Hidradenitissuppurativa (HS), a long-term auto-inflammatory disease characterised by the occurrence of inflamed and swollen lumps.

He encouraged his constituents and wider public to "always make sure you get lumps checked" should you discover any.

For any concerns you have in the Dunfermline North ward, Cllr Ellis can be contacted by email: cllr.gavin.ellis@fife.gov.uk