IF YOU are tired of Christmas songs by now then Dunfermline band The Passing Sages have a remedy.

The six-piece outfit have released their debut EP to satisfy your cravings for a taste of something different.

Burnin Up is loaded with funky rhythms, catchy melodies and rich harmonies which takes inspiration from retro nostalgic sounds as well as incorporating a vibrant blend of contemporary styles.

The record's title track is an energetic pop song which combines a driving bass with powerful electronic synth leads and funk guitar; encapsulating the vibe of old school disco with a modern twist.

The band said: "This stimulating tune is by no doubt a dance anthem and conveys a simple message; let go, forget your problems and party hard."

The EP was recorded and mixed by Dominic Hardy at Gracenote Studios and also features toe-tapping track Wonderful Person, ballad Kindest Boy, and soulful number Octave Higher.

It follows two successful single releases in the form of (Your Love Makes Me) Happy, which came out in May with B-side track I Was Wrong, and their January 2020 single, Destiny.

Burnin Up is now available on all streaming platforms and showcases the band's taste in a variety of styles.

Vocals are provided by Holly Clark and Carrie Forgan, with Nic Holson (guitar), Ian Clyne (bass), Daniel Keay (keys) and Sean Priestly (drums) making up the rest of The Passing Sages.

An accompanying music video, filmed at EH5 Studios in Edinburgh, is available to view online and was directed by Cal Nicol, of Lucid Shade.