A FUNDRAISING appeal launched after the Canmore Grove fire has raised more than £12,000 within a week.

The gofundme page said it wanted to help the family "get back on their feet" and Iain Miller said he had been overwhelmed by the kindness displayed since Wednesday evening.

"Everybody has been absolutely amazing," he said. "It has been absolutely crazy, crazy with people donating stuff. The phone has gone bananas.

"When it happened, we were in swimwear – we had towels out the back but that was it."

Iain said all the contents of the house had been destroyed.

"If it is not fire-damaged, it is smoke-damaged," he said. "Luckily, I have a lot of friends come up the last three or four days and they have helped me strip everything.

"I am just clearing out what I can clear out but need a structural engineer to make sure the property is OK but I am hoping to rebuild it. I will get on and get things done."

The gofundme page was set up by Carly Kadunic, who said on the fundraising page: "The family are all safe but their home and personal belongings are gone. We are hoping to raise some money for the family to get them some basic items such as clothes etc and replace some of the Xmas presents the kids have lost.

"Please if you can help in anyway it would be very much appreciated to help this family get back on their feet.

"All money donations will be given to Iain and his girls to help them along the way to their new home and replacing personal items them lost in the fire."

After the fire, organisations in West Fife also stepped in to help the family with both SHIELD Fife and Future Youth Rosyth making appeals for donations of clothes.

Staff at nearby Headwell House care home helped firefighters when they were tackling the blaze, using their salt bins to grit the road and allow one fire engine to get up a hill near the incident.

Residents from the back of their building were moved to the front as a precaution and senior care home manager Suzanne Docherty said: "Our thoughts are with the family at this time and we are all very relieved that everyone escaped safely and our thoughts and prayers are with them.

"The staff have commenced a collection today for the family in order to purchase the many items they will need in the coming weeks."

Anyone wanting to donate to the gofundme appeal can do so by visiting https://gofund.me/af79e803.