A LOST wedding band has been reunited with its owner after almost three YEARS – thanks to the power of the Press!

We asked readers to help after Zandra Crichton and her colleague had spent six months trying to track down the ring's owner but with no success. 

The two-tone ring with the engraving 'PRISCILLA' and a date inside was found in the car park of Aldi's Halbeath store back in July. 

Within hours of the Press Facebook post appeal, word had spread to Robert Corstorphine, who lost his wedding band nearly three years ago – in April 2018!

He contacted the Press when he saw the ring, which is similar to his wife, Priscilla's, and was reunited with it that night. 

Incredibly, Robert and Priscilla know Zandra as regular customers at Aldi!

Robert, 62, told the Press: "I literally did not think I would see it again!

"I lost the ring nearly three years ago but they didn't find it until July, which is so bizarre! 

"A friend of my wife's saw the article and asked if we were missing a ring – we knew it was mine straightaway.

"It's quite incredible really! It's absolutely brilliant and thanks to the Press for helping me find it!"

Zandra and her colleague posted the lost item on Facebook several times but nothing happened. 

They were about to hand it to the police when inspiration struck to ask the Press for help. 

Zandra said: "If I'd lost my wedding band I'd be devastated so I'm over the moon that we found Robert! 

"It's such a small world and how bizarre that it's been missing all this time!"

Robert, who has been married to Priscilla since 2004, first thought he lost his ring in Glenrothes and has no idea how it ended up in the Aldi car park!

He added: "I went to a place that I normally keep my ring and realised it wasn't there. 

"I thought I must have lost it in a restaurant in Glenrothes that we had been to a couple of days before but they never found it. 

"So I have no clue how it ended up at Aldi's and how it was only found over two years later!

"Maybe it was sitting there all the time?!

"I joined a Facebook group for lost rings but nothing ever came of it.

"I've always lived in hope it would turn up and I'm lucky to have it back!"