A PANICKING Dunfermline mum claimed she was refused entry to Queen Margaret Hospital despite blood streaming down the face of her baby.

Allison Anderson, 32, said she slipped on black ice right outside the minor injuries unit on Saturday night and six-months-old daughter Kyliéjo bashed her head in the fall.

But she claimed staff wouldn't open the door and told her to go to the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy or call an ambulance.

She has now submitted a complaint to NHS Fife and said: "I was traumatised and can't sleep for thinking about it.

"She could have been seriously injured for all they knew because no-one came out to check. It was all over the intercom.

"What if I had got in the car and driven away and she died in the car because it was something they could have helped with?

"It's unacceptable."

The first-time mum told the Press: "I had an appointment at half-past nine on Saturday night, which I thought was a bit odd when they gave it to me, as Kyliéjo had a viral infection.

"Just after we left the minor injuries unit, I slipped on black ice. She was in my arms, my auntie was waiting in the car for us, and I tried to keep her in my arms but she fell flat on her face.

"When I picked her up I couldn't see any part of her face as she was covered in blood.

"But I was then refused entry even though I had only just left.

"They kept telling me to make my own way to the Victoria Hospital or to call an ambulance.

"I was screaming. People were looking out at me, there were nurses who could see how upset I was and seemed to be turning to the side to tell someone at reception to open the door but they didn't."

Allison continued: "Kyliéjo never cries, she's the most content baby, and didn't even cry when it happened.

"I thought she was unresponsive and that made me panic even more.

"It was only when she was looking at me and saw I was so upset that she started crying.

"It was probably two-to-three minutes but it felt like two-to-three hours to me.

"It wasn't until a doctor went past that they took us in, cleaned her up and glued the wound above her eyebrow shut."

She claimed that, without even opening the door to allow staff to assess her daughter's injury, she was told to make her own way to the Vic, on a night when freezing temperatures had made road conditions treacherous in places.

A friend later gave her a lift to the Kirkcaldy hospital for further checks where Kyliéjo was thankfully given the all-clear.

Allison said: "I was outside a minor injuries unit with a baby with an injury. I had just left there seconds before.

"If that's the rules up there they need to be changed but I'm pretty confident I should never have been turned away.

"Would she turn her own daughter and grandchild away? Bet she wouldn't. I'm livid."

She added: "The pavements round about the hospital should have been gritted, I can't believe they weren't.

"The car park was all black ice too."