DUNFERMLINE’S past and present has been depicted beautifully in a stunning piece of art.

The town’s iconic Abbey and adjacent Kirkgate pubs feature in the work created by Chloe Ireland.

The acrylic painting on large canvas has caused a stir online with the reaction leaving the 28-year-old in a state of shock.

“It’s insane,” she told the Press.

“It was such a nice response and I wasn’t expecting it at all.”

Originally from Jersey, Chloe moved to Dunfermline in 2017, the town her dad grew up in.

It is that connection and her love of Scotland’s ancient capital’s heritage that inspired her to create the landscape which shows off the Abbey, the Creepy Wee Pub and the Old Inn.

She said: “I’ve always held Dunfermline close to my heart as I’m close to my family up here.

“I love the history of Dunfermline and how it has been kept. I feel it’s also not just the older buildings, ruins and museums in the area that keep the history alive, I do feel like it’s the people and the places surrounding that do too.

“This past year has been so difficult for so many people and businesses have suffered. I wanted to capture the beauty of the place and history in my own way.

“I love the Creepy Wee Pub. The former owners are my friends and it’s a place that does mean a lot to me. My dad lived on the corner opposite the Old Inn when growing up, so this area of the town does mean a lot.”

Black and white paints were applied over the course of a month before Chloe deemed it complete and ready for viewing.

She posted the final outcome on Facebook last Wednesday and messages of support and appreciation for her work flooded in, with some admirers wondering whether they could purchase the piece.

“It’s been overwhelming,” she commented.

“A lot of local people, who I don’t know, have been able to see it as well, which is really nice. It’s quite heart-warming, actually.

“I’ve done request work for people in the past but I usually just give my art away as I’m not hugely confident in my stuff. It’s just sort of a hobby but this has definitely given me a confidence boost.

"Without the huge support I have had from those who I love and care about, I wouldn't be where I am. Their encouragement has got me this far."