IT’S one small step for man, one giant leap for Kings Klub as they release their first tune of 2021.

Astronaut is the latest track to emerge from the self-dubbed ‘intergalactic pop duo’ with Freya Stobie providing vocals on their fourth single to date.

Michael Waterworth and Grant Allan emerged from their former bands to strike up a new partnership that has since put out Brakes On, Love Me Now and Missing in just over a year.

Astronaut will now launch next Friday, January 22, and tells a tale of unrequited love.

What started off as pop number soon transformed itself into a slow, emotional ballad which came to life during the summer.

Once the song was written and the lyrics penned, a search for a singer was on.

Michael explained: “Grant put down a guide vocal where he pretended to be a girl and it was one of the funniest things ever. He was singing so high!

“Somehow, he was still able to put some emotion and power behind it; the boy’s a genius.

“Once we had that – and I had stopped laughing – we thought about Freya, who’s my best mate’s sister, for the vocals.

“It took so much persuading to get her to agree to it as she hasn’t been a singer for a long time but we got her to come in eventually.

“She came in to the studio with Gregor (Stobie) when lockdown restrictions relaxed and she did such an amazing job.

“It was one take. She was so impressive. We hit ‘record’ and that was it.

“The three of us; myself, Grant and Gregor, were all just looking at each other in silence.

“We were speechless at first. We didn’t know what to say.

“Freya asked us if she could do certain bits of it again but we were all saying, ‘No Freya, everything there is perfect!’ “Her voice fits the song just perfectly and we’re really grateful to her for agreeing to do it.”

Michael added that Kings Klub have several other tracks completed and listeners should expect more releases in the coming months.

  • Astronaut will be available on all streaming platforms from Friday, January 22.