DUNFERMLINE'S landscape appeared remarkably different as the town featured in a history documentary.

The Men Who Built America is a six-hour, four-part mini-series that tells the stories of the men who helped revolutionise modern society.

Naturally, Dunfermline's most famous son Andrew Carnegie plays a key role.

However, one viewer recently noticed that Carnegie's hometown looked a little different while watching the series on his television screen.

Barrie Scholefield was left particularly puzzled by Dunfermline's roaming hills, quaint homes and idyllic waterways set amidst a vast, open landscape.

The titles clearly state, 'Dunfermline, Scotland', but we failed to spot anything about the imagery that suggests it is Dunfermline, Scotland.

Unless Urquhart Cut really changed itself over the years, the Glen was given room to expand by Fife Council and Townhill Loch re-positioned itself in quite a stunning fashion, we believe that the researchers made a slight gaffe with this one.

Barrie suggests that it could be somewhere on the Aberdeenshire coast? We aren't very sure where it is - or how the postie makes their deliveries there - so answers on a postcard, folks.