A DUNFERMLINE drink-driver mounted pavements, demolished a lamp post, crashed into a metal barrier and damaged parked cars badly.

Adam Russell, 34, of Gilfillan Road, was almost three times the limit when he got behind the wheel and drove through Dunfermline at 11am on New Year’s Day.

Witnesses saw him drive over grass area and up onto pavements before finally crashing and staggering out of his vehicle.

Russell appeared in the dock at Dunfermine Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on January 1, in Gilfillan Road, Garvock Bank, Woodmill Road, Inchcolm Road and other roads in Dunfermline, he drove a car dangerously, drove on a grass verge, struck a road sign, drove across both lanes of a carriageway, colliding with rubbish on the roadside, then collided with a lamp-post, causing it to break and fall to the ground.

He then continued to drive on a grass verge and on a pavement, and drove across a junction, making no attempt to stop at it.

He collided with a metal barrier, caused other road users to take evasive action to avoid a collision, then attempted to reverse away from the barrier, again colliding with it and then caused extensive damage to two parked cars.

He also admitted driving with excess alcohol. His reading was 63 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, the legal limit being 22 microgrammes.

Depute fiscal Laura McManus said that at 11am, a witness saw a black jeep-type vehicle driving on a grass area in Gilfillan Road.

The vehicle then struck a road sign and a pile of roadside rubbish. The driver then went to Garvock Bank where he hit a lamp post. He kept driving and went onto grass areas and mounted a pavement.

He drove straight across a junction and into metal barriers. He tried to reverse away, scraping the side of the car along the railings.

He was then seen driving in Woodmill Road and almost going into a burn after again mounting a pavement.

In Inchcolm Road, he crashed into a parked car and the impact forced that vehicle back into another parked there, causing extensive damage.

Russell, who was accompanied by a male passenger, got out of the vehicle. He was staggering and was walking away from the scene when witnesses told him to stop and the police arrived shortly afterwards.

Sheriff James Macdonald told Russell: “These are serious matters.” He called for reports and sentencing was deferred until February 10. The sheriff imposed an interim driving ban until then.