A DUNFERMLINE man who caused a drunken commotion outside his home, shouting at neighbours, has been fined.

The disturbance was caused by David Hoggan, 50, of Abel Place, who has now appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on July 24, at Abel Place, he repeatedly shouted, swore, acted aggressively, kicked at doors repeatedly, struck a bannister repeatedly and refused to desist.

Depute fiscal Laura McManus said there was a background of issues between neighbours.

At 9.15pm, Hoggan returned home, was shouting in the common stairwell and slamming a door repeatedly.

He then put his key into the lock of a neighbour’s door. The neighbour told him to go away. Police then received a call from Hoggan claiming he had been assaulted by his neighbour.

Police arrived and found Hoggan clearly under the influence of alcohol.

After they left, Hoggan began causing a further row in the stairwell, banging on metal railings and shouting: “Come on, p*****, w******”.

At 10.55pm, he was again kicking and banging on a door and police were called again. They arrived to find Hoggan banging on the railings.

Defence solicitor Roshni Joshi said her client was on benefits and has “difficulties with alcohol”.

Sheriff James Macdonald fined Hoggan £320.