THE time has come to instal CCTV cameras in the Glen in Dunfermline and stop it from repeated vandalism.

That's the view of Harry Dunn, chair of the Friends of Pittencrieff Park, who has called for meaningful action to be taken after another fire at one of the playparks.

It's the latest in a depressingly long line of incidents of vandalism in the Glen where, year after year, windows are smashed, benches wrecked and children's play equipment damaged.

Mr Dunn said: "Youngsters must be bored out of their skulls just now and I can understand their frustration but this is rampant vandalism.

"It's just mindless and there's no excuse for it, none whatsoever. It costs more money to repair the play equipment when that money could be spent on improving other areas of the park."

He added: "Councillor Helen Law has got the public toilets opened again, we're hoping to upgrade them too, but if we don't get protection for them they will just get vandalised again and we'll be back at square one.

"The police do what they can; they've got more patrols but they can't be everywhere. CCTV would help the police to identify these individuals and make sure they don't get away with it.

"At this point in time they are getting away with it."

The fire was lit at the lower playpark, at the West Nethertown Street entrance, sometime over the weekend of January 2-3.

Fife Council workers removed the most-damaged play equipment but funding for this type of repair won't be available until at least April, when new budgets will be set.

Team manager Dawn Jamieson said: "Vandalism of any kind is unacceptable and a blight on our communities. Repairs to the playpark are also likely to be costly.

"We are stepping up our patrols in this area and working with police to help combat this anti-social behaviour."

Mr Dunn said he was told the estimated cost of a CCTV system would be around £35,000.

While that may seem a high price to pay, the damage from one incident alone, when the main playpark next to the pavilion was set on fire in November 2017, was put at £40,000.

He added: "We've not long had the money for those repairs and here we are again. I think the park is getting targeted and there is a deterrence value to the cameras too.

"We should at least spend money on a proper assessment and see what can be done. We should see what the police think too.

"I know people will say if the youngsters put their hoodies up you won't see who they are on the cameras but the police do know a lot of them and I've got confidence that they'll be able to identify the culprits.

Dunfermline Central councillor Garry Haldane blasted the vandals and said: "I am so very disappointed and distressed to hear that once again some mindless, irresponsible idiots have vandalised a play area in the Glen.

"Were they once not children themselves who enjoyed playing on swings, roundabouts, trampolines or climbing frames? Why do they do this? It is beyond me.

"The cost to repair the damage ultimately comes from the public purse, meaning you and me are having to pay for it.

"Do the parents know where their children are and what they are getting up to? Do they even care? I doubt it."

He added: "CCTV would be a good tool to combat this type of behaviour but the problem lies within the capacity of the unit to produce clear enough images that are acceptable for the police to use to charge individuals, especially during the darker hours.

"This comes with a cost that would have to be found from somewhere and the footage would need to be controlled and supervised accordingly.

"If CCTV were to be installed, other projects would need to be dropped to allow the funding to be released.

"This would have to be an area committee decision unless private funds could be found."